Sonya Guimet

Miami, Florida, US

Sonya's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sonya

As an independent filmmaker, I do not come from a tech background. I come from the Entertainment world. My cofounder and I are the CEO and COO of Florida Media Market, an annual conference in Miami Beach, which essentially connects independent filmmakers with executives and industry experts to facilitate the process of getting their projects greenlit and distributed. With the experience of the co-founder Maritza Guimet, and the seven years of FMM conferences, we have many subscribers. We are looking to build an online marketplace for independent filmmakers. We want to take the process of programming acquisition for TV, Film, Scripts and Video and put it online.We know many indie filmmakers and executives who are excited to use our product. We have the network. We have the marketing.
What we need is a CTO. We need the architecture, the design and someone who will manage development. We have wireframes in place of what we want.


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