Sorin Roman

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Cofounder & CEO
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User Experience
Product Management

About Sorin

Who are we: coffee loving metal heads (also jazz funk and country :) )AI Project with most recent experience in the fin- serv / fin tech industry/ defense industry.
Our Superpowers : product incubation and product growth, client side and API dev, some DS , Bayesian philosophically inclined, Design Thinking, user testing, multi language cursing... ok enough.

What we want to build: a legislation alert platform for the common folk out there . Also, predict how a politician will vote on a particular topic and predict an overall outcome of a piece of legislature.
High level design- topic model prior pieces of legislature and map to politician individual voting records . Also, at a later date correlate to prior politician tweets and other social media posts.
When a new piece of legislature is introduced, alert people that care about the topic, predict the politician vote based on the recent tweets and topics in the law.
How will this make money? I’ll tell you later. We have a couple monetization hypothesis. For now this is a project not a business.

Who you are:
Nice cool React.js gal/ guy with sense of humor who doesn’t take self too seriously.
Have time and mental capacity to work on side projects - really, don’t lie to yourself and us if you don’t . At least 5 hrs/ week.
Can collaborate with people on the US East Coast( yes that means time zones matter) ; extra points if you are based in Boston or eastern seaboard.
You don’t have to depend on this for a while to put bread on the table- we can’t hire you on day zero.
Have experience with front end ( React) and middle tier (Nodejs)projects that use ML models and understand the process of building a product around the models- API’s and front end.
Hands on front end experience : app / experience building
Understand and can make changes to Node APIs as needed.
Data engineering : understand Python model AWS deployment via Lambda or Ec2 .
Like coffee as much as we do - it’s OK if you like tea though- we’ve been introduced to some pretty “mean” teas.