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I'm a Yale grad student in biology currently taking some time off to explore alternative careers, including entrepreneurship. I have a few ideas, some crazier than others, but ideas themselves are worth nothing.

I'm not setting out to make this sound like a dating profile, but this is essentially what this is. I'm looking for a friend, but specifically someone who can be a technical co-founder. I am willing to join or be joined for a startup, but we should be capable of working on almost any idea together. If things do not work out for one of our ideas, we should be able to iterate or move forward with another one. Therefore, you should be open-minded, be able to give and receive (constructive) criticism, and be capable of critical thinking. If you are domineering or disingenuous, we won't work well together. I have a long-term vision that would require someone with experience in mechanical/hardware engineering and robotics, but this is likely irrelevant in the short-term. I'm not necessarily looking for anyone with first-hand experience in finance, marketing, sales, etc. If you have any of that, it would be a bonus, but from what I can tell, you can try doing those things yourself by a combination of Internets, falling flat on your face, and seeking advice/direction from your network. If you are enough of a hustler, you might succeed in convincing me otherwise.

I really disliked having to select "Business Developer" of all the available options because frankly, I'm kind of a weirdo of the geek/nerd variety who likes to daydream and think about science/technology. I have some web development experience, and am continuing to learn, but I would prefer to act in a supporting role if your skills are superior. Once I gain additional programming experience I plan to change my self-description. I enjoy problem solving and am looking for someone who can complement my own scientific perspective. It might help to note that I have attended Lean Startup Machine NYC and Startup Weekend. If you haven't attended one, we should do so together. If you are at all interested, let me know. It would be best to meet in person, but a brief chat before then would also be helpful to assess preliminary compatibility. Thanks for reading.