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Sridhar Rajagopal

Mountain View, United States
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Technical, Programming, Management, Product Management, Business Development, Design, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, User Experience, Fundraising, Strategy
I am a seasoned software engineer with 16 years of experience with distributed systems development. I also have experience in mobile app development with a couple of iOS Apps on the App Store. I have always been a Maker and tinkerer at heart, and have experience with fabrication and rapid prototyping techniques like 3D printing, laser cutters, vacuum forming, and am an ardent arduino & raspberry pi geek. I have experience with hardware development, having built an IOT reference architecture from scratch for a client (hardware, firmware, mobile, backend). I have an idea in the internet of things space around the connected/conscious home, and am looking for cofounders with hardware, software and/or business development skills.

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