Hartford, Connecticut, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About srinathceo

I can take a problem facing the world and start asking questions and turn that into a salient idea and then quickly develop a solution that would solve the problem, while putting an eye towards creating a business model and system in which to operate. I can architect a solution, develop a wire-frame, and create a working prototype by myself or by managing a team.

I am currently a PMI certified project manager responsible for launching insurance products into the marketplace in a fortune 500 company. I have also engineered the surveillance system for the Airbus A380 (largest airplane in the world) and have been involved in cutting edge medical research - stereotactic spinal surgery and have witnessed open brain surgery. I have walked on Ground Zero shortly after the Twin Towers fell to assess the damage to the steam lines and have worked with pipe welding robots (made by the same firm that made Mars rovers). I also have exposure to 5th dimensional relativity paradigms in Physics that bridge the gap between electromagnetism and gravity which I learned from my mentor and Sensei during my years in college as an engineer. I currently train in Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Self-Defense (taught by ex-Military Police and FBI/CIA/SWAT trainer and former VIP escort to President George H.W. Bush).

I want to find people that are interested in changing the world. I remain an idealist and optimist in spite of the world's ever present problems because I feel that we can all make a difference if we choose to. I am dead-serious and all business when it comes to making things happen. I have a decade of training in the corporate world, sound methodologies, business practices, and dealing with C-Level Executives, although I mainly spend time presenting to Division Vice Presidents and Project Sponsors. My current passion is in making higher education accessible and successful for as many people in the world as possible. That is my ultimate vision and I have a prototype to do that as well as making a lot of money doing it.