Srini .

Duluth, Georgia, US

Experienced technologist, serial entrepreneur
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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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About Srini

I am a software developer, project manager, architect, who has worked with many platforms, designs and strongly believe in using right set of tools for the right job. We started 3 years ago with a Customer Support software and spent numerous hours and completed of what we think is a "sellable" service. I work really hard and I'd like to think that with diligence, patience and grit, a good team can build value out of anything. I worked with anywhere from a small basement businesses to a Fortune 500 companies as a project manager and the journey has been very rewarding.

I am really looking for a partnership I can trust, a second serious person to run thoughts by, bounce off ideas, someone who shares the passion for technology, willing to put in time, shoulder some responsibilities and share the successes and failures, more importantly a trusted friend who can complement my abilities well.