Srinivas Kakarala

Columbia, Maryland, US

Srinivas's Skills
Product Management

About Srinivas

Have been the technical co-founder for a startup that is currently cashflow positive and has acquired initial funding from VCs in the past.

With my technical expertise and relationships that I have built, over a number of years, with offshore partners and VCs, I really think I add the most value taking an idea to fruition from a technology perspective, both from a short term (prototype and validate if the idea will work) to a long term (identifying the team who would be responsible for enhancing and supporting the solution going forward, addressing scalability issues with the application/ solution with growing userbase etc.).

Have personally worked with variety of applications ranging from building payment gateways for enterprise applications to building mockups for a business idea that currently is a successful venture. Contact me with your idea and we could work to take it to the next level!