Srinivas Siddireddy

San Francisco, California, US

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About Srinivas

Founder, CEO, Marketer, and Architect of Thapos - Youth sports management platform.

I have over 18 years of experience in IT industry as a technology startup founder, software architect, product manager, marketer, and software engineer. I have experienced in all aspects of software development life cycle. I have designed and developed marketing management applications, financial applications, and web-based consumer applications.

As a leader or team member, I love to work with teams. I truly believe in teamwork. I am an extremely energetic and highly motivated individual with excellent analytical, organizational and adaptive skills with a passion, to get things done. I enjoy playing and watching sports, working with kids, history, internet, and some television.

As an entrepreneur, my first startup was a disaster, which only made me stronger. I learned a lot of valuable lessons in this failure. Thapos is my second startup which is going strong. My current team really functions like a team. At Thapos, we all are determined to make it happen at any cost.

About Thapos:
Thapos provides complete toolset for athletes, coaches, parents, teams, and sports organization staff. Thapos helps with all aspects of managing sporting life including athlete management, team management, and organization management. Thapos is a complete solution for youth sports world.

Next Steps:
At Thapos, we have a great team. We have built right product that is solving our customer problems. Our user base is growing. We have also started generating revenues. We achieved all of this with out raising any external capital. Now we are planning to raise our first round of external capital.


You can be best of the best, only if you try your best. Just do it. The rest will fall into place. Thapos can help you. - Srinivas Siddireddy

Work Experience

Founder & CEO

Thapos Inc

June 2013 - December 2016

Youth sports management platform for athletes, coaches, parents, teams, and sports organizations. Manage athletic progress, profile, schedules, and athlete network. Manage sports teams and sports organizations. For more details check out


NIT Kurukshetra

B Tech

1991 - 1995