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Guys, the drop down options while creating profile here were too limited and didn't really reflect what I am and what I am looking forward to. So leave that aside... and pls. check out the below.

I am about to initiate a management consulting firm in Mumbai and need people with credible track record which 'at least on paper' looks formidable. Some of those guys who have worked in senior position with any of the Top 3 consulting firms OR partner level resources at any respectable consulting, audit, business advisory firm.. whose experience can add value to my venture by sheer presence is what I am looking for.

Remember, you get payout in the form of sweat equity OR shares. How you can multiply the value of the share is a matter of the efforts that we manage to put together. Rest assured... you will enjoy working..... the working wont be serious ... you may choose to work only two days a month... if you like... and it would practically be one of most enriching experience you can expect. So pls. feel free to get in touch and I would look forward to a mutually highly rewarding association in mutual benefit.