Stan Herring

Nashville, Tennessee, US

Product and Strategy Professional
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Hello, thanks for looking at my request,

I have a business idea that involves network technology, hardware manufacturing and global sales in the healthcare, retail, financial and other distributed enterprise space. I have developed products in this space (network, security, WAN and VoIP) for over 25 years. My idea is solid and has been vetted by large telecom carriers, major equipment manufacturers, venture capital companies and industry executives. My research into the total addressable market, spend per customer and margins indicate this could be a highly profitable endeavor.

First and foremost I'm a technologist and product developer. I have developed products for my own startups, fortune 500 companies and I currently work in product development of security products for a large carrier.

Even though I have started multiple companies over the last 25 years, I do not enjoy the financial and public facing side of executive life. I'm looking for a partner to serve as CEO/CFO. He/She will have a mature understanding and experience in finance, venture capital and understand valuations for technology companies. Can be a part time or full time commitment.

Great gig for a retired executive or young executive wanting to spread their wings. I'm completing a proof of concept/minimum viable product in the next few weeks.

Serious inquiries only,


“Results driven strategist, accomplished in delivering the right product via the right channel at the right time for a target market.” I have had the good fortune to participate in growing some of the largest and most innovative technology companies to date. These experiences have rewarded me with a broad range of skills and in-depth experience in technology and leadership for the large distributed enterprise networks, payments, compliance, security, and machine to machine markets. Market leading companies have relied on me to conceptualize, research, develop, and bring to market innovative technologies. In doing so, I have delivered increased valuations, profitability, and market-share. - Me