Stan SF

Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Stan

At my current company, I've been primarily responsible for helping Fortune 500 clients transform the technology related aspects of their business model to compete, adapt, and perform better - essentially, helping these companies become the best version of themselves. What LinkedIn doesn't reveal is that I've been working on a side project near and dear to my heart - helping small businesses become the best version of themselves. Fundamentally, this side project is purposed to bring the same power and rigor of analytics (that big businesses have) to smaller sized businesses that cannot traditionally afford to implement expensive/complex systems. Our platform applies analytics in a simplified and powerful manner they traditionally could not afford or access. My passion comes from the fact that my father launched 7+ businesses over the period of 30 years, my uncle spent 20+ years building an agriculture based business - so needless to say, the local business owner\'s well being is near and dear to my heart. During time away from work and startup life... I enjoy working out and boxing, love to travel, and I can salsa as well!

Work Experience



July 2011 - December 2016