Stanislav Demochko

New York, New York, US

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I'm a serial entrepreneur who strives to build a socially responsible business and have fun doing it. I am very analytical, hardworking, ambitious, optimistic and there are a few things that can destroy my drive =)

"The Cloud" that we know today pools in the resources of many computers to make one supercomputer, where different users can tap into those resources. The clients of cloud computing pay only for the resources that they use. It makes the industry and the practice very efficient and cost effective.

ZRist Assist aims at applying the same concept to human business resources, by pooling in professionals from different fields and offering their services on a pay as needed basis.

Many small businesses and startups require many professionals with diverse backgrounds, yet they cannot afford to hire all of them at once, nor do they need to. Hence, these businesses start looking for them elsewhere, such a, risking to find amateurs or simply unprofessional unemployed people looking to make a quick buck. Our service would come in a package of hours that businesses can purchase and redistribute among the team members that they choose from our professionals.

You as a business owner register on our site and buy a 50-hour package. You then choose the people from our pool of professionals for your team. You explain to them the details of your business and start assigning tasks to different people. For example, you need to design a logo. Your design person would get on that task and use only a small portion of the time. You need a marketing or a business development plan, hence you would put out those tasks into the cloud and different members of the team would report to you with these different projects, using up only the time that went into performing these tasks. This guarantees efficiency and cost effectiveness.
- Cost - Outsources professionals from Ukraine who have significant experience working in big national or international companies, but will work for much less than professionals in the US simply due to the vast difference in exchange rates. We will be able to provide unbeatable prices for the quality of the services that we will be providing.
- Quality - similar services exist that provide Virtual Assistants. They charge up to $27 per hour, offering general services such as data entry and general administration. With those rates we will be able to provide top professional services, whereas Virtual Assistant service for general administration can be provided by us for as low as $15/hour.
- Administration - there is not need for the businesses using our services to waste their time hiring, preparing documentation and paying taxes and work compensation for their employees. They will simply buy a package of hours that they need and write that off as a business expense.


Baruch College - CUNY


2017 - 2017