stanley meytin

New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About stanley

I’m an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses including a 3D rendering business and a video production company. Typically, I’m known for my visual storytelling, brand building and digital marketing expertise. As a result I’ve helped many businesses (including my own) establish their company image and transform into iconic brand in its industry. My expertise is fueled by my passion for bringing ideas to life which is evident in the work I provide to my clients and in my attitudes towards existing and future entrepreneurial ventures.

Like many ideas, I’ve come across one that I ran into due to personal need. I’ve come up with a solution that would not only help me personally but one that would help many small to medium sized businesses everywhere. I’ve done the market research and the competition will be easy to compete with, the price point, infrastructure and marketing are all things I can take care of. What I need help with right now is to find a technology partner who has a strong background in programming and development that will be able to help take the idea and bring it to life on both the front-end and back-end side of things.

I currently have bits and pieces of the technology needed to move the project further but having someone with the right skill set and knowledge of the space will allow for better implementation of the project. If you think you are that someone, reach out and lets discuss further.