Stanly Liu

Sydney, Australia

Stanly's Skills
Product Management

About Stanly

Hey i'm an software entrepreneur from Sydney Australia. I got several ideas and a lot of experience in personal and business finance as well as sales.

I'm looking for a tech/design co-founder to help with the management and building of the software side of the business. Im looking for fun and like minded people that i wont mind working with on a weekly basis. We don't have to be in the same area of the world since i can make travel arrangements to meet the right people.

Predominantly i'm looking to partner up with someone from South East Asia, wanting to build a solid team and take advantage of the cheap labour opportunities this area offers.

I'm looking for people interested in the SaaS field and building a software solution for b2b or b2c on a monthly subscription basis,
once we have built several successful SaaS products i think we can build more revolutionary software since a business needs money to grow first and foremost.

If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me