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'm something of a forward person so I will cut straight to the meat of why your checking out my profile.

We are looking for a co-founder that has hustle and isn't afraid to use it. We are in the process of developing a service based app that we feel is dynamic enough to be sustainable as a business model. The moch up is done, the work flow established and the code is already being churned out. We are not banging our chest to be the one to disrupt an entire industry and be written up in magazines as the wonder guys, we want to build something to help people, have some fun and make some money doing it. If you have a project you want extra resources on and we seem to click for a fit, lets look into your concept as well. Only by having everyone get what they want is the game really all that exciting.

I have recently relocated to the Seattle area from Northern California but geo-based isn't my biggest concern, we need to click. I pride myself on a strong work ethic, constantly updating my craft and staying vigil that I am easy to get along with. I am old enough that your ability in knowing all of the latest buzz words means little to me and that while a good education is important it doesn't make up for passionate drive. It doesn't matter if your 16 or 60 your drive, skill and work ethic are what make you a good fit here not the last name on your resume. We wan't someone that has the skill to asses a situation and create a path.

Lastly, we are working on building something important with this project. It has the ability to genuinely help people improve the quality of their life situations. As a tool the market segment is relatively open. That being said at the end of the day business is a sport and money is how you keep score. It's important to us that you like to be competitive enough to keep plenty of points on the board.

Drop me a message, nothing too formal but please make it more than one line. I ask that you have a complete profile here and willing to share openly about some of your long and short term goals.

Thank you for the time and consideration. - James


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2013 - 2013