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People consider me a problem solver. See the problem, research it and find the best way to resolve it and make money at the same time. I have a huge passion for business and I am now looking for my next project and I would like to do it in the technology aspect of the multifamily housing / real estate industry. While competitive and highly regulated my research has shown that it is still a strong vertical. The upcoming changes to the economy will certainly shake up the industry and allow for new players helping with old problems. I'm open to both the US and Canada.

What are we looking for? Not a job or a new client. I am not offering our services for hire but rather as someone that wants to build a company together. I am seeking a co-founder ( first time or long time ) or advisor looking for an equity position.

I'm looking for someone in the industry that has a problem they need to be solved ( an example would be a property management firm ) or feel they have a better way of doing it than their current solution. It doesn't matter how far you are into the idea stage you may be ( from buzzing around your head to your MVP ) I'm looking to see if I am a good fit. I have extensive experience with saas ( software as a service ) platforms and am more than capable of developing a new one.

About me.

I'm a transplant from the bay area to the Seattle area. I am a lifelong entrepreneur with a few successful companies under my belt. I corrently own an IT firm that maintains client networks through a saas and t/m business model. I have the resources available to me to build a new solution and want to use them to develop the new company. I am blessed to have a network in many different industries as well as contacts in the incubator/co-working environments.

Let's build something together.
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