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I am a serial entrepreneur, have worked at CEO, Exec and board level in multiple startups. At heart I am a product guy. Through my career I have also worked a bit with programming, design, general management and sales, but my passion and true gift (as others put it) is in product vision, roadmap, building a product team and user experience.

I have a new big idea, the initial business plan is ready, the rough prototype is ready and now I need a co-founder to build the initial product for iPad/iPhone.

My role in the startup will be initial CEO and head of product until the first funding, where I will choose between those two roles. I have ensured funding for startups before, but in the current climate the plan is to get the product to private beta with users before getting the first round of funding. Until then everyone on the team will work unpaid and part time. The idea has not been tried before, is very well supported by the latest trends in mobile and social usage and has potential for becoming a $200M company.

If you are an awesome iPad/iPhone programmer with experience with consumer apps you and interesting in joining a stealth startup, then let me know. Getting in early gives you a key role in the startup either as an individual contributor or if you have management experience as a part of the management team.

Looking forward to hearing from you ...