Stefan Brunner

Austin, Texas, US

Cofunder and COO at TheTechMap, Inc
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Business Development
Product Management

About Stefan

I am coming from a business background. Worked first in investment banking, graduate and undergrad in business, then shifted more into engineering because of my fascination with technology. I am a very analytical person and like to understand why something works as it does, both in economics as well as in technology.

The last years, I have worked as an Architect for Networking and Security as well as a Product Line Manager for Juniper. If you do not know what Juniper is, they built a major portion of the worldwide Internet. Think Cisco, but bigger boxes millions of dollars expensive, moving terabits of data. I authored our bestselling security book The ScreenOS Cookbook. I always liked working closely in the field. While Juniper's main business is with service providers, I personally focus almost exclusively on the enterprise, mainly on Wallstreet financials, which operate telecommunication networks dwarfing those of some countries.

In both roles, it is vital that you build something which solves a problem while curing a pain. Problem and pain - both have to go together. Scalability is another topic. What you build today, needs to be able to grow tomorrow. During my tenure at Juniper I helped pioneer some interesting architectures meeting those criteria. In my role as a PLM I focused on building management software to automate service tasks and inventing new business models in customer services.

I am German-American and comfortable in both theaters. I have both field experience as a consultant working closely together with Sales, and at corporate, as a Product Line Manager. I tried myself as an entrepreneur before. Had a small business reaching the six figures in revenue while in business school. Authored new-new economy concepts as a strategic management consultant which I sold to some well know European companies, allowing them to enter the Online world.

Work Experience

Cofunder and COO

TheTechMap, Inc

December 2012 - December 2016