Stefan Rusu

Brussels, Belgium

Stefan's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Stefan

Dear potential co-founder,

After seven years of trilingual and international Program, Project and Product Management, in IT, industry , automation and logistics B2B and B2C environments, topped with a First-in-class MBA and a summa cum laude PhD., it is time to tend to my loquacious entrepreneurial seed.

My scope is to turn my professional track of creating and implementing novel solutions, fixing problems and optimizing existing business realities, respectfully constructively leading and bridging between multiple stakeholders, technical and commercial teams, into a start-up success story.

The software platform I have designed is an enterprise/personal productivity tool which aims to deliver users from the pain of inefficient meetings, by deploying a novel cross-device "meeting micro-management and automation solution".

The project quests for a co-founder with a passionately technical R&D mindset, to act as architect and developer, and subsequently, upon success, as CTO. As part of this project, I in turn quest for a partner with complementary skills (so that together we cover the entire spectrum) and also concurrent ones (two minds may indeed be better than one), while sharing a common value-set and motivational drive.

Whilst hoping that all of the above will retain your attention, as the first of much positive communication, I am looking forward to the opportunity of engaging in a dialog.

Thank you in advance and may your entrepreneurial endeavors prosper,