Stefano Carrara

Catania, Italy

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Product Management

About Stefano

Hello everyone I hope it was one startuppers since it and still I would like to create potrer with anyone willing to share my idea a big date for startuppers where to upload their own pitch-video or image so that anyone interested (ventur capital, angel investing, incubator, accellerator etc .. can also have them a reference point to find new ideas for transport to their channels at a later time ... this is me (but you can be well if you want) .. this is my idea (or your) .. this is PUBBTUB!
a kind of youtube for startups.
a showcase app that collects all concept-video & image so that angel investing, venture capital, incubator, accelerator, etc seeking new talent.
pubbtub is destined to be the center of connection between startuppers and all companies that revolve around the world of startups creating a direct connection for both ..
Are you raising money now?
Now you just have to wait for your concept-video or image is evaluated by angel investing, venture capital, accellerator, incubator etc. PUBBTUB they will use to find new ideas to carry on their premises ..
turn your idea !!