Stefano Ferraro

Brescia, Italy

Stefano's Skills

About Stefano

I'm a Graphic Design student, on my way to finishing the BA.
Always been fasinated by adventures and challenges, a couple of summers ago I travelled all around italy with a 50cc scooter.
Since I love to learn new things I have never wanted to focus only in Graphic Design, and now my skills covers also Video Making, Motion Graphics, Responsive Web Design and Marketing.
After my Bachelor I wanted to travel the world as a Digital Nomad, but since this project i have in mind can give me a lot without investing almost anything beside time, I think it's worth to give it a try!
Now, back to business. I'm doing my homeworks and starting to write down the business plan. Moreover, since I'm about to graduate and I'll use it as my thesis project, in not so long I'll have ready a lot of the branding and marketing aspect.
Since the plan is to create a web based application, I'm looking for a developer that can complement my skillset and take care of the techical side of the business as a cofounder. I don't care about the age 'till this persion is passionate about his work and that is not afraid to try out new things. Since this project has usability as a core value, if you love UX it's a plus.