Stephan S.

Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

Stephan's Skills

About Stephan

I'm looking for an intelligent person with a VIABLE idea/concept/prototype for a startup .
Especially a person that is looking (perhaps amongst other things) for a developer or an additional developer/software-engineer.

By idea I mean more input than just a logo and/or a thought that is not really thought through. Preferably somebody with a "business plan", meaning you crunched the numbers and your crunching lead you to believe it's realistic/possible.

About me:
In the last 6 years, I've been working as a programmer and Web/BI-developer.
My main experience is in database developing/design (SQL-Server/PostGre) and C# programming.
I'm developing ASP.NET (MVC & Forms) web applications, that includes JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX/HTML5/CSS3 and WCF/web-services with XML and JSON.
In my free time, I'm also working with Linux, Python, PHP and MySQL, so I'm not just a windows-only person that doesn't know the meaning of case-sensitivity or the pitfalls of cross-platformness.
I've started programming QBasic and Turbo Pascal for DOS when I was 12, so this is also my hobby.
I've studied physics at university (ETHZ, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).
I've also some knowledge in the field of operational accounting (BeBu, not FiBu), especially value-added-tax.
I have a GA (general abonnement), so I can travel to anywhere in Switzerland for free.
Prefer Skype/WhatsApp/Viber/GoogleTalk and telecommuting, so no time gets lost in travelling back and fore.

I've got a job, so the maximum I can invest is about 20 hours/week, preferably 10. (Though it's possible to exceed 20 hours irregularely, if absolutely necessary).
If you can convince me that an investment is a profitable investment, and not a à-fond-perdu investment in your next car, I might also invest money in your idea.
I would prefer to invest in the form of sweat and work however.