London, United Kingdom

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Name:Stephane Isaac


Degreetoday:Founder CEO of Myside


Stephane Isaac is founder of Myside a TECH Company created in 2015 in which the client build his own business and sell his own products or services, also can add or trade with other sites selling products online, creating connection with benefit.
The design for mobile lets sell anything in less than 10 seconds.

As a young visionary he have work Closely With an array of companies of all sizes and stages, from all parts, he have a great contact with those companies.

Currently hes completely involved in his project and seeking new long-term investments to enter in the global market, also is trying to continue his studies.

Born in Cameroon and raised in UK, Japan and Spain is speaks 5 languages fluid, he currently resides in London.

He is a member of various NGOs and their objectives is to fight bad nutrition that exists in Africa and & Show the world the potential of their students

Stephane Say:

For me innovation is always a venture, I cannot separate these words as I feel that every entrepreneur who has an idea, is based on innovation, the result will be the answer to affirm whether it was wrong or right as they are risks that must be assume.