Stephania Ergemlidze

New York, New York, US

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About Stephania

I am a social entrepreneur with a for-profit startup working to remodel the non-profit industry. I'm a firm believer in the concept that successful startups begin with strong teams. An idea is nothing, without the right people to make it happen. If you would like to join a team with aspirations of building an empire of social enterprises (for-profit businesses with social impact missions), send me a message! Let's see how we can build together! (

We're looking for people who are passionate about creating change and are searching for a meaningful experience where they can solve complex social issues with simple tech solutions. Self-starters. People who want to build with us, NOT for us. If you have a thing for automation and optimization, we should talk!

I also live to mastermind, so if you are a problem solver and/or need a problem solved I'm always up for a good conversation/ brainstorming session. I'm told I provide useful insight and advice quite often, plus have a fairly extensive network that I may be able to share with you as well! If I can help you, I will.

Moral of the story, if you come across my profile, reach out to me.

P.S. I travel a good amount, most frequently New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. So don't be scared of long distance! :P

Keywords: SaaS, Social Enterprise, Social Impact, Tech Solutions, Strong Culture

Also, in case you're wondering... I'm an immigrant baby, born and raised into business, and have worked in manufacturing, wholesale, and retail since I could walk/talk. I have a strong instinctual sense of business. Outside of my work within the "family" business, I have done small scale pro-bono consulting (mostly for fun) and have provided input on a number of friends' startups as well. I love solving problems and figuring out how to make things work, to the point that I do it in my spare-time for free, so you can take that however you'd like, foolish or admirable. I'm clearly not "money-motivated", though I, of course, understand the value of a dollar (seeing as I've come from zero). My goal is to just build...far and wide, as much as I can, for as long as I live. You should also know that I'm a challenge seeker. Ask me why I've chosen to build an empire of social enterprises or why I'm working to restructure the non-profit industry, and I'm sure you'll be amused with my response. Go ahead, ask me, I dare you! :P Finally, do what you love and everything else will follow. Business is a game, let's play.

Fun Fact: Growing up, there were four languages spoken in my household. Plus I've picked up a couple more along the way.



Boston University School of Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

2015 - 2015