Stephanie Bova

Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Stephanie's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Stephanie

I work in digital healthcare and just had an infant son a few months ago. My goal was to get him to sleep through the night by the time he was 3 months old. I created a methodology/algorithm that I want to program into an app to help parents get a good night of sleep and establish good sleep patterns from an early age. This is an area where there is no data and I'd like to create the most robust data set in infant sleep that can be used for research into this area.
I come from a pharmaceutical business background and understand the science and how to build great brands (ever heard of Lipitor? Seen a commercial for Spiriva? Viagara?). I have a lot of energy and love 10X ideas. And I love bringing science to people in an easy to understand way. I'm originally from NY but currently live in Zurich, Switzerland.

You are someone who has previous start up experience but what's most important to me is your qualifications. I want a true partner to torture test and develop this idea FAST. I have wireframes crafted and ready to review. Initial market research has produced significant interest from everyone I have spoken with. I am self funding this stage and want someone who is a real self starter. Through my current role in pharma, I have connections with many of the health start up accelerators and VCs so I'm pretty confident on how we can grow this business once we have prototyped.

So, if you have the energy, skills, and are looking for something fun that can really impact healthcare, please contact me!