Stephanie Soria

San Jose, California, US

Stephanie's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Stephanie

I have a colorful background - Professional skydiver (8,000+ jumps), SAG stunt performer (Iron Man 3), action sports event coordinator, and now, tech entrepreneur. I live to bring my imagination to life and feel confident in my ability to do so. But more importantly, I feel confident in the people I work with and revel in every second of being apart of those teams. The act of combining our imaginations, passions, talents, and visions to create products, brands, events, and movies that people support, is an act that never ceases to amaze me and words could never express how truly grateful I am for that. But what I can say is this - without those people, my background would be black and white.

Currently my focus is completely centered on inni, a video messaging app that captures OUR reality. Inni went into beta about 3 months ago and is so close to public launch that I can taste it (I imagine it tastes like bacon:). Unfortunately, our front end developer received an offer he couldn't pass up and now we're need to find a replacement asap. If you're a bad ass developer with the ability to fill his shoes, our lose will be your gain... we need a new co-founder in the 9th inning.