Stephen Beaudoin

Woburn, Massachusetts, US

Stephen's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Stephen

My experience is in Marketing Communications where I have been focused on creating a more unified story to create engagement. My goals have always been to create seamless customer experiences that are more engaging that lead to higher lifetime value. I have worked in a number of industries, most recently fashion/retail(ecommerce)/catalog in an email/SEO/social role.

While I have started a few of my own small experiments, I have been developing a business idea that is meant to create a customer engagement platform for retailers out of a social experience platform for the user. It revolves around an app and requires user content.

What I am looking for in a co-founder is someone who has technical capabilities and has previously developed an app. This will be one entire learning curve, so they should be open to new ideas and finding a way to press forward no matter the hurtle. Ideally, they need to know where to start with app development, audience building and traction will be a team focus.

The immediate goal is to make an MVP with easy social user engagement that will encourage sharing the app to drive acquisition. Additionally, we will try to drive traffic to retailers seamlessly so that our customer does not see push messaging, but more of an engaging way to shop. Details need to be worked out based on true usage.

Please reach out with your experience level and what your goals are when you are evaluating projects. I'd love to speak with interested parties.