Stephen Berry

Sunnyvale, California, US

Stephen's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Stephen

I've got a skillset well suited to technology startups and I'm interested in applying them. What I'm not so interested in is taking full-time ownership of the bizdev end of the enterprise, which is not where my core competencies are.

I have experience building a startup at all stages of development, from filing the incorporation paperwork on. I've built initial alpha releases from nothing but an idea. I've taken existing alpha implementations and redesigned them for scalibility, stability, performance, profitability. I know how to code, I know how to do network and systems administration. I have experience negotiating contracts and setting up services with ISPs, colocations, building new cloud deployments. I'm used to working around time and budget constraints that face most early stage startups. I can fix problems with next to no sleep.


Texas A&M University

BS Civil Engineering

1992 - 1992