Stephen Gray

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Stephen's Skills
Product Management

About Stephen

I run a small e-commerce and web development company employing two other full time developers. We're in our third year and have a wide range of e-commerce and bespoke development clients.

We're not as profitable as I'd like and the market is tough. A developer at heart, I don't have the expertise and knowledge for sales and business development to improve the current situation. Currently work is feeling stagnant and I need things to change, soon!

Have strong experience in all things e-commerce having worked in the field for over 7 years, working with various high level UK e-commerce agencies before starting my own company. I have also worked on countless bespoke web platforms, integrations and apps.

I've also worked with numerous tech start-ups as lead developer, one of which went on to raise an initial $2 million seed fund, then another $6.5 million recently.

I'm looking for an exciting new project to get deeply involved in, something that will make life thrilling again!

I also have a few solid ideas for new SAAS web sites that I don't have the time to develop yet and it pains me that with a small amount of funding, not only could I improve my company's situation, but I could start development on these new projects too!