Stephen Hubbard

San Juan, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, US

Stephen's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Stephen

Beginning in 1998 I began building desktop computers from scratch...with no prior technical education I started going to computer fairs to purchase the parts and sell the CPU for almost an insane 1000% mark-up. That didn't last very long considering I did not have prior experience or education in business either. Over the next 15 years my fascination with what I accomplished would drive me to getting certified, working for corporations and owning my own managed services business...back to working for another corporation. Now that I am out of work, I want to concentrate on building a new business around servicing other businesses in regard to technical process improvement and solution\system integration. I've made the mistake of not partnering with someone with my previous business and am looking to partner with someone of like-mind. Of course, there is much more about my expertise and qualifications however I intend to discuss that in further detail with a prospective partner. Thank you for your consideration.