Stephen Sidlo

Dublin, Ireland

Stephen's Skills
Product Management

About Stephen

Current co-founder of Glass Fox Media, a company dedicated to helping small businesses build their online profile and portfolio.

Looking for a co-founder for a second idea I have involving tech, football, gamification and big data - to address the issue of homegrown grass roots football players in the UK/Ireland. Think Moneyball.

I have worn many different hats in my career: photo editor, image verifier, photographer, social media specialist, content sourcing, community management, sports reporter and marketer - working across newspapers TV, radio and online.

Holding a track record of gaining exclusive content, editorial direction, building brand for companies or product design I understand that 'intelligent glue' in a team is important.

A unique ability to coordinate projects and tasks I'm highly skilled in designing and building social media campaigns, including website design and CMS building. I also host events on numerous topics.

Learning code every day and I love sport - especially football.

I also love meeting new professionals who want to discuss big ideas.


* Social media
* Breaking news production, sourcing and gathering
* Writing short and long form
* Editorial judgement
* Team leading
* AVID video editing trained.
* Image and video selection, editing and distribution
* Building brand and social platforms for businesses
* UGC sourcing and licencing
* Dealing with clients and developing new partnerships and collectives
* Social selling
* Storytelling
* Adobe proficient
* Verification and Licensing of Content
* Sports writing
* Audio editing
* Community Management
* Photography skills. Digital and Analogue
* Citizen Journalism
* Public speaking
* Front line conflict work