Stephen Street

San Francisco, California, US

Technology Innovator
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As Co-Founder and Vice President of Embedded Systems at Grid Net, I oversaw the management and engineering of the company's embedded hardware and firmware stack. I architected a re-targetable Machine-to-Machine Operating System for the Smart Grid / Smart Meter domain. This loosely coupled, highly distributed, centrally-managed operating system has been ported to three generations of hardware across three product lines and is deployed at 315,000 customer sites world-wide.

Prior to Grid Net, I founded StreetFire Sound Labs, a Consumer Electronics company. StreetFire Sounds Labs, developed and brought to market, the RBX1600, a CD Management Solution for the high-end home theater / home stereo market. I designed and implemented, in Java, an extensible Media Object Request Broker and support framework to provide true “plug and play” for home theater system integrators.

In the 90's, I founded Red Rocket Computing, a consulting firm specializing in distributed applications. Major projects included the development of TCP/IP application protocols that enabled secure, high-volume, real-time settlement of Euro-bond trades, a client/server applications suite for managing order provisioning for one of the nation's fast-growing long distance telecommunications providers.

Before founding Red Rocket Computing, I joined Esprit Telecom as the third employee and served as the Vice President and Chief Engineer. I managed the design, implementation and successful deployment of WorldFAX, a distributed store-and-forward facsimile system that utilized an international private TCP/IP network to substantially reduce the cost of facsimile transmissions between Europe and the United States.

Earlier I developed distributed applications for a variety of Department of Defense weapons systems. At Northrop's Advanced Technology Bomber program (B-2), I developed high-fidelity avionics simulations used for integration and test of the B-2 s flight-control, navigation, and weapon delivery subsystems and at Tiburon Systems I developed mission data distribution systems for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile Program.

Work Experience

Technology Consultant

Red Rocket Computing

May 2012 - December 2016



University of Pennsylvania, Coursera