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About Stergios C.

Multitalented, passionate yet humble and approachable. Working on ideas that can make people happier.

I'm looking for people with same values, people who strive to make things better.

If you think you want to work on something impactful then get in touch. My mission is to make sure that every single person can have a job he or she enjoys. It's a multifaceted problem with many side effects both in our economy and in our quality of life. If you care and want to work on something exciting, join me and help to make finding a job a piece of cake!

Project overview from our small team : Linkwise

For every question, there's an answer and for every job opening, there's a person, the right person. The first has been taken care of from Google; the later is our Mission.

Today, we are sharing our vision, for reconfiguring the hiring process. Making it totally transparent and more productive for all parties.

We believe that in the 21st Century finding a job or the right talent should be a matter of seconds.

Crafting a CV for hours and trying to understand if a limited job description will translate to the best place for you should stop!

Finding the best available talent for your team should be instant and accurate.

With artificial intelligence and predictive analytics we aim to help job seekers be proactive and corporations hire with confidence in a lightning speed.

We are here to make a difference!

Join us or get in touch.

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