Sterling Smith

Dallas, Texas, US

Sterling's Skills
Product Management

About Sterling

The idea behind APP.tly is basically the same model as applications such as Spotify and RDIO. Though these are music subscription stores, APP.tly would be an app subscription store. The great "revelation" behind APP.tly is when I realized all the apps I bought and then regretted their purchase weeks later. With the app subscription store idea, the user purchases a monthly subscription and can use any or all of the apps in the store, without the risk of buyers remorse. APP.tly would also have a "genius" type setting where if a customer didn't like the particular app they tried, there would be other options close to that particular apps functions.
Like all entrepreneurs, I believe that my idea is perfect and if rolled out correctly could become something huge. I believe that the ability to subscribe to an app subscription store would revolutionize the app industry. But there is one problem...I don't know any developers, VC's or have any contacts in the startup industry. I need someone to help me begin.
I am in a perfect situation for an entrepreneur. I am recently unemployed and my domestic partner makes enough money that we can live well enough while I pursue this startup. He is 100% behind my idea and that makes a lot of difference.