Steve Chew

San Francisco, California, US

Steve's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Steve

About Me:
- BS in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford and MBA at Harvard Business School.
- Accomplished leader in Marketing, Product Management, and Business Development with over a decade of experience at both consumer and enterprise technology companies.
- Proven track record of success and demonstrated versatility in start-up environments, having driven key initiatives for two private companies that ultimately exited through acquisition (NexTag and Fundly).
- Access to an extensive investor network from previous work relationships and business shool contacts.

- Already have an idea for a consumer mobile app that will be targeted to the nightlife demographic.
- The idea is already fully fleshed out, and a business plan is currently in the works.
- There are no exact competitors in the marketplace, but first-mover advantage will be critical, so I am looking to move quckly.
- Both the MVP and go-to-market strategy should be fairly straight-forward, so the plan would be to determine proof-of-concept and gain traction as soon as possible - ideally within a few months.
- Not looking to start a business that will require more than six months to prove out.

Ideal Candidate:
- A technical co-founder, preferably with mobile app development experience, who can invest significant cycles initially to developing a prototype of the app for proof of concept.
- Willing to work on a team of 2-3 co-founders with an equal allocation of equity.