Steve Driben

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Change Maker | Engagement Driver | Leader Who Improves Employee Productivity
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About Steve

I build high-performance sales organizations based on:

Strong Management Fundamentals - (maintain integrity, display reliability, recognize direct reports, build cohesive teams, understand a reps point of view, practice what I preach).

Inspiring Sales Leadership - (driving sales culture, share best practices, innovate ways to position offers, make trade-offs when necessary, delegating projects, pipeline management, maximizing territory potential, market segmentation).

Customized Coaching - (customized approach, prepare for each coaching interaction, communicate expectations, share product/industry knowledge, follow through on development activities)

Value-based Selling - Teach customers new insights, tailor offers, discuss money and pricing with customers, maintain productive customer relationships, skilled negotiator).


"If you think you can or you think you can't, you are right" - Henry Ford