Steve Jones

Los Angeles, California, US

Steve's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Steve

Just turned 31 and recently moved to LA with my amazing wife and dog! Started first company at 25 and hit a million dollars in revenue by year three. Creating a SaaS startup for a niche industry and looking for a motivated, driven, family-oriented (yet laid back) technical co-founder to help me build an AWESOME product and team.

My startup is fully funded (personal cash from previous venture) and anyone looking to join the team would be paid from day one! Not looking to have someone just work for equity :)

A few of our key objectives include the following:
•Acquire 500 customers paying $500 a month to hit $3 million in sales within 3 years.
•Build an amazing product that requires minimal support phone calls or emails and that can be implemented without any actual customer training or product demos.
•Stay small and grow our customer base at a pace agreed upon by the co-founding team. This is not a business trying to go public or hit $20 million in sales. It’s all about building a system of reoccurring revenue that allows the co-founding team to have an AMAZING lifestyle set by THEM.

Interests - family, friends, building awesome companies, reading, learning constantly, surfing, snowboarding, ping pong, NFL/College football and golf.