Steve Woolsey

Seattle, Washington, US

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Product Management
Business Development

About Steve

I'm looking for a master programmer (or programmers) who are not afraid of a challenge. Someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and invest a bit of sweat equity into a program that is fairly mature at this stage. I have a SaaS application that has been in development since 2009; it needs a final push to get to its launching point. A description of the product, our goals, and development history can be found here:

As the link describes the final product incorporates elements of customer relationship management (CRM), real estate portfolio management, project management, and document management services. However the link also touches on the fact that there are known issues which would prevent us from launching with a full feature set. Instead we made a pivot along the way, stripping down the scope to accommodate a more obtainable minimal viable product, DevDesk Tabz:

Tabz will basically launch as a free bookmark manager in order to familiarize people with our interface (optional: ads displayed to free users). As a first step to monetization, businesses will be given an opportunity to upgrade their account to unlock additional controls to administer their own corporate marketplace for employees, vendors and customers. I'd like to incorporate a third-party SSO option that would make our application a launching point into their other business apps (prospective partners already identified and discussions have taken place). To further monetize the product, the modules from DevDesk v2 (CRM, Real Estate, etc) will be made available for purchase on a subscription basis.

At the height of the project I had a team of 12 developers, testers, designers and engineers working on the application full time (outsourced). Our business has been self-funded and when funds ran shy I put the project on hold. I am not a coder myself but will be taking a web development immersive course this winter so that I can contribute to the coding going forward. A substantial amount of money has been invested at this stage and a very thorough roadmap has been outlined. There are literally hundreds of pages of graphic designs already finalized and dozens of features ready to be implemented. This is a unique opportunity to exchange your time for equity in a project that already has thousands of hours invested into it.

About myself....I encourage you to check out my LinkedIn profile: . I have built a vast array of skills in business development over my career. Most recently I've acted as a business consultant via DevDesk, but prior to that I helped manage a franchise territory here in the northwest for one of the world's largest franchises and I was a partner in a private chain of restaurants. Like to know more?! Let's talk!