Steven Corn

Maywood, California, US

CEO at Metis Advantage
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Business Development
Product Management

About Steven

I have been in the music industry my whole professional career. I am considered an expert in the field of digital music. With a partner, I built and sold a successful digital music distribution company. At the time of the sale (two years ago), we represented and distributed content for 650 labels and over 300,000 recordings. So, I know how to manage data, digital distribution, royalty payments, etc.

I am now making a large jump into the health care world with my new venture, Metis Advantage. To paraphrase Joseph Campbell: "If you follow your passion...doors will open." After 18 years of advocating for my son who has an extremely rare genetic disorder (he's only one of ten in the whole world), I have developed a concept to deliver patient advocacy on a broad scale.

This is definitely outside my field of expertise. But I am confident that my creative and leadership skills will transfer into this new arena and serve to help people make the best medical decisions possible.

Work Experience


Metis Advantage

June 2016 - December 2016