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Hello I am looking for a business partner to start a consulting business with. The requirements are a determined big thinker, and partner who is interested in building a consulting company. Right now the consulting industry is the perfect industry to be in consultants are going to be in high demand for the next three years. I attended tai Lopez and sam ovens consulting webinar that allows you to purchase there consulting program on how to start and build a six figure consultancy program. The program teaches you EVERYTHING from seting automated marketing system, speaking to clients, closing sales, it contains the exact step by step formulas that sam uses in his business nothing is left out. the program is 1,977 for webinar attendees, and can not be purchased at that price it has gone back to the normal price of six thousand dollars( you can check for yourself sam ovens consulting program) since that special price is still available to me I am looking for a partner to invest 1,977 for the program, in exchange of partnership in building the company with me. This is the most lowcost startup business opportunity available for your return on investment, and the program prepares you to immediately start in your chosen field so your invetment will be returned in a short amount of time . call or email me for more information (845) 274 -509