Steven Doggett

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

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Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Steven

My name is Steve Doggett. My co-founder, Paul Rieutort, who I met in college at West Chester University, are developing a start-up named Savoir. Essentially, our aim is to compensate successful and established employees for their knowledge and expertise regarding their respective positions. We will take this insight and develop resources for recent grads and those switching industries, companies, or positions, to give them the best chance of obtaining the position they truly want, and easing their transitions into their new positions. Ultimately, we are trying to make career changes as easy and as smooth as possible, while reducing employee turnover for corporations. Both Paul and I majored in economics and finance. My major strengths are being able to express the benefits of the business very clearly and concisely. I am very extroverted and find it very easy to promote and market our start-up, while Paul is very organizational, and simply very hard working. We are both experienced in Financial Services, while I have a strong accounting background. My ideal candidate is very passionate about the mission of the firm, in addition to being very skilled in software developing and creating interactive sites. Experience is definitely a plus but not required. A mix of passion and expertise is ideal! The best way to reach me is through my email. It is Thank you!


West Chester University of Pennsylvania


2012 - 2012