Steven Kingsley

Lafayette, California, US

Principal Partner, Hashema Int'l Partners, HIP Brands, HIP Gastroplex, Newmedia Publishing
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About Steven

Born in Hungary, I moved to the United States in 1974; became a citizen, and graduated from Pace University, New York in 1989.

Arriving in the US with a MS degree in Food Science afforded me the opportunity to work at General Foods as a research food technologist. Subsequently I co-founded two food companies to commercialize my inventions, which are showcased on

I dove back into the food business again in 2011 with a new invention: CaffeMallows™. They are soft, sweet, and sensuous double espresso, coffee, mocha, tea, and chocolate marshmallows, designed to give you instant power and bursts of energy. They were followed by CaffeinAll™ gourmet non-bitter caffeine in 2oz shakers.

In 2012 I also developed SUGARLESSe™, a new natural sweetener that replaces sugar 1:1 and created a line of gourmet chocolates, called Chocolate Naturals, using SUGARLESSe™as the sweetener. Both are available on and soon at other places.

My latest inventions are:

* CreamMallows™ and CannaMallows™, the first truly gourmet quality sugar-free, low calorie marshmallows. They are available at: and

* ChocoSustain™ and BloomPrevent™ dark chocolate production technologies, featured on our website.

I became interested in information technology in 1984, while working on hypertext and other software projects. Have designed and produced websites and blogs; music, audio and multimedia products, albums, CDs, and DVDs; literary and technical books and manuals in print, as ebooks, and online through my e-publishing company, Newmedia Publishing.

As an adjunct professor, I taught graduate computer courses from 1989 till 1992 at my alma mater, Pace U., where I also authored and published articles on Knowledge Science.

In short, I'm one of those change agents on the loose....

Specialties: Designing, developing, and producing:

A) New food products and processes
B) Information systems and websites
C) Books, ebooks, music, audio, and multimedia products

Work Experience

CEO, Food Scientist, Publisher, Jack-of-All-Trades

Hashema International Partners a.k.a. HIP

June 1979 - December 2016


U. of Horticulture, Budapest, Hungary

MS Food Science

1967 - 1972

Pace University, NYC

MBA, Information Systems

1985 - 1989