Steven Rahseparian

San Diego, California, US

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Secured Universe
Steven's Skills
Business Development

About Steven

* Developing Software from Age 9 Using an Atari 400 in 1981
* Co-Founded One of Pennsylvania’s First ISP w/PSU Faculty 1994
* Developed Successful Wireless CompLab Model for NY Board of Education 1999
* Reached Director Level of WinStar Advanced Technology Team 1999
* Developed Prototype Reflex HR Web Recruiting SaaS Platform 2001
* Began Galileo SEO Platform Project 2006
* Development of Social Media Communications Platform & Achieved 20 Million Signups in 18 Months 2009
* Architected and built a complete platform that can provision "made to order" tablets complete with a fully customized Android OS that has been hardened, secured and considered one of the most secure platforms available today. Additional capabilities include creating custom orders, ingesting content and creating secured packages that are completely tamper proof and only usable by the tablet they were issued. The entire system built with a small team in under two years.

Work Experience

Chief Executive Officer

Secured Universe Inc.

October 2014 - December 2016