Steven Rubenstein

Seattle, Washington, US

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Product Management

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Posted June 1, 2013. (Profiles do not seem to include a date when they are posted, making it impossible to know whether anyone's profiles are still relevant.)

I am a business guy who knows how to code. I have founded a few startups, some more successful than others. I generally focus on software and services geared to businesses instead of consumer-oriented ideas.

My startup,, is about bringing people together in the spirit of compromise to foster reasonable solutions to complex problems. The goal is to get millions of people to agree on compromise solutions to today's major problems. (This is my quest to win the Nobel Peace Prize!)

I have built the site and it is live. The revenue model is similar to, but the goal is to foster compromise among millions of people with different opinions -- not just get those who agree with you to sign a petition. There is also a potential enterprise revenue model.

I am looking for co-founders who share a passion for solving today's problems and believe the majority of people are willing to compromise to finally resolve their differences.

I need marketing and PR help to build the user base and get some momentum. I also need a product manager with a consumer-oriented focus to take ownership of the site and suggest how to make the site more effective and more social. We will also eventually need someone with experience in big data and writing predictive algorithms.