Steven Schwartz, MBA

New York, New York, US

I believe in creating value, not extracting value.
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About Steven

I am the President of Global Cyber Consultants and a Board Member at the International Personal Data Trade Association, building a cyber ecosystem at the intersection of InsureTech (Insurance Technology) and RegTech (Regulatory Technology) via Cyberfense and serving the insurance advisor to one of the leading blockchain consortiums in the United States, Agentic Group.

It's my belief that in today's rapidly evolving world, business success depends on adequate risk management and and creating a culture of innovation to improve the performance of existing business models that create, deliver and capture value. To remain competitive, companies must successfully embrace a holistic strategy that balances tactical IT decision-making while fostering and investing in digital ecosystems to support long term growth and define the foundation for growing, future digital value chains. As we continue to shift towards the digital era, long-term corporate success is contingent upon effectively integrating "technology of tomorrow" with "business models of today," such that they translate to the "culture of yesterday" and can be understood throughout all areas of a company's operations.


Lead and inspire people. Don’t try to manage and manipulate people. Inventories can be managed but people must be lead - Ross Perot

Work Experience

Founder & President

Global Cyber Consultants

May 2016 - Today

Global Cyber Consultants was founded in 2016, recognizing the need to bridge the gap between cyber security and traditional risk management. As our team and worldwide presence continued to develop, we have attracted industry leaders from around the world to provide our clients with unmatched intellectual capital and a full-range of consulting solutions from executive consulting and business development to implementing leading cybersecurity solutions, insurance industry expertise and supply chain efficiencies for global organizations that has proven invaluable to our clients as we work with them to substantially decrease costs, while increasing security and asset protection. At the forefront of digital innovation, our advisors at Global Cyber Consultants consists of entrepreneurs, experienced executives and technologists with a proven track record of success and effectively guiding businesses towards security, transformation and accelerated growth. ​ We assist our clients through the various stages of their evolution, whether they're an Enterprise Corporation or Qualified Start-Up, by identifying and implementing the necessary resources they require to achieve their most critical initiatives.

Senior Managing Consultant & Director of Business Development

UIC, Inc.

July 2013 - May 2016

UIC, Inc. is one of the largest international, completely independent fee-only consulting firms, with absolutely no financial ties or contracts with any insurers and/or brokers. At UIC, I leveraged our strong global presence and consultative approach continuously exploit insurance industry inefficiencies and source a variety of different access points to negotiate the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective risk management program for each and every client. I was personally responsible for negotiating roughly $50M in Annual Premium and led the firm's efforts in developing new business opportunities.

Chief Operating Officer


December 2016 - Today

With CyberFense, manage all aspects of your organization's Cyber Security, from our proprietary security assessment through to governance, compliance, risk, and insurance, in one intuitive, online dashboard. In a rapidly changing digital world with new threats putting corporate assets and personal wealth at stake, what's your defense? Specializing in insurance and product growth, I am working with our global team to further develop and expand our insurance product market share and quickly become a globally recognized industry leader. I lead the business development and expansion of Cyberfense's insurance activities. My converging background of insurance and technology helps our customers effectively bridge their cyber liability gaps as a regarded influencer within the InsureTech community.

Founding Advisory Board Member

International Personal Data Trade Association

January 2017 - Today

The International Personal Data Trade Association acknowledges data as a poorly defined asset class with economic and ethical implications that transcend national borders. ​ With representation from every continent, we exist to examine and advocate for more equitable and ethical policy infrastructure for transactional information between both individuals and institutions across all industries and state lines. ​ Mission: To advocate and facilitate policy that creates an economic partnership between data contributors and consumers.. Vision: To see the influence of data exchanged in a market that leverages value as a unit of measurement.


Union College


2011 - 2013

Siena College

B.S. in Accounting

2007 - 2011


Series 65 - Licensed Investment Advisor