Steven Vetter

Los Angeles, California, US

Art & Imagineering, Industrial Design; Costume Engineer to Z Lala: Hair, Jewelry, Costume, Props
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Creative Services:
Art & Imagineering, Industrial Design. Concept to development.
Products, Vehicles, and Dynamic Toys, to Props and Costume
Illustration and Character Design.
Intellectual Property and Story Development.

Our Project: Develop a hand made performance electric motor for sport and racing.
Our 1st Goal is to develop and market this product at a profit.

Our 2ed Goal is to build the engineering infrastructure and expand to hand made light tempered steel racing chassis; next to establish a racing division or club based on a limited production car based on this chassis.

With the final goal to create and market limited production “hand made” performance cars to order. Where like Aston Martin or early Ferrari, the cars had skins and body panels made by the hands of a skilled craftsman; however we will be utilizing modern lighter techniques.

WE are Seeking: A few special people who desire to get onto the ground floor of the electric/ hybrid car revolution. Must be driven by the desire to create and build an absolutely unique motor vehicle engineering and design company similar to early Mclaren Racing.

We will use mostly steel and aluminum (as opposed to carbon fiber composite) as this affords superior crash resistance, durability and reparability for a road vehicle, with minimal weight penalty and major cost saving. Some high tech composites will be employed where needed.

Our plan is to build brand through industrial design, by creating and marketing products and services, like the early days of Ferrari, Pinin Farina and Mclaren.

Our main goal product is a unique approach to truly handmade automobiles; referred to as the “Green Supercar,” or breaking limiting rules in thinking to modernize a hundred-year-old outdated design --- the automobile.

To this day, the “car,” still bears some small resemblance to the original powered wagon; it’s just so convenient to keep doing it the same way, why change?

This discrepancy between what a car could or should be verses how we as a society continue to implement it, was pointed out to me by racing management pro and racecar engineer Carroll Smith, in a conversation in 1982. Since that date, no significant effort has been made to change that fact.

This project is about breaking barriers of thought as well as performance

The project was conceived by myself and Merkel Weiss, former Art Center Pasadena lead Auto Design Instructor, who is our head project engineer.

We have a second Automotive Designer

We have a Racecar and Engine Builder --- Chassis and Suspension Fabrication specialist

We have an Electric Motor Winding specialist

We are seeking:

An Electrical/ Mechanical Engineer, capable of designing brushless electric motor stators, and speed controls; as well as hybrid and charging interfaces.
An understanding of fuel cell technology a plus

A Mechanical Engineer, Tool and Die Machinist, with CNC and Solid Modeling experience

An Automotive Racing Chassis Engineer

An Auto Designer

A Sales and Marketing Specialist with an Auto Sport or similar background


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill

Work Experience


Self Employed

January 1987 - Today

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: 2014 — to present: I assist numerous independent creative professionals with my many skills; Currently for the last several years one of my ongoing creative engineering projects has been for the pop star Z Lala’s outrageous Costuming, Hair, Jewelry and Props. 2012 — Began Collaboration with Automotive Engineer on personal Automotive design project (Undisclosed) 2012 — Assisted in marketing a hand made custom Hypercar. 2012 — Completed design project with Inventor’s Representative Sheldon Goldberg and Industrial Designer Tony Di Leo (Undisclosed) in process of marketing. 2012 — Assisted with Design and Engineering for Wiznu Labs ( under Sound Engineer, Professor Michael Julian. 2010-2012— Assisted with the startup of as Creative Project Manager developing intellectual properties while also utilizing my design, sculpting and fabrication skills. 2010-2012 – Coordinating a collaboration between Inventor’s Representative Sheldon Goldberg and Industrial Designer Tony Di Leo (CSUN Formula SAE consultant, & scale aircraft expert who created wings for Martin Scorsese's film "The Aviator"). Meeting current technological challenges as needed, while planning more invention & product development. 2009-2010 – Managed, co-created & produced inaugural Los Angeles Rock’n Comic- con trade-show convention. 2008-2009 – Contract Manager for home restoration near Princeton, New Jersey. 2008 – Sound Images®- Assisted in the development of an untitled Fantasy Film, Live Performance + 3D Novel Project featuring bio-mechanical characters, omni-media, art + collectibles, fashion + jewelry products, etc. 2007 – Working association with a former Disney animator: animation, character, story. Assisted in the launch of an Animation & Art website, featuring the world's finest animators & artists, selling their work directly to the public. 2006 – Cal State Northridge- positioned as the sole Creative Designer on the CSUN Formula SAE Racecar Engineering Team. Working association with a former Disney animator: animation, character, story. Trained in traditional 2D Animation (with pencil!), plus Character & Background Design under a top Disney clean-up artist on an animation pilot story-reel project. 2004 – Sound Images®- Utilized my Artistic and Material skills in the development of Intellectual Properties, Design, Sculpting and Fabrication. 2003 Freelance ACME ZENITH MODELS Toy sculptor for new line of play figures, under Paul “Cash”. 2000 Freelance Entered the film industry, Storyboards, Art Department, most crew positions, Trucks and Logistics. MARCIA MILLER DESIGNS Foam core models to aid final design for Marcia Miller. 1999 - 11/1999 THE NASSAL CO (Architectural Specialty Manufacturing) Lead sculptor/designer on 8Ft X 12Ft bas-relief sculptured plaques for the ESPN-Zone buildings to be featured in several states, under manager Brian Tollin. 1991 – 1999 DESIGNICA (Toy Design, Models, Prototypes) Product development, sketching, illustrations and expanded mechanical drawing, auto lacquer model painting, translation of 2-D concept to 3-D reality turning renderings and/or blueprints into looks like/works like prototypes, initial concept development and proof of principle bread boards. 1997 DESIGNICA-U.S.C. INFORMATION SCIENCE Designed, developed and fabricated functioning housing for hand held communication device for military and police application. 1996 PROMOTED TO GENERAL PARTNER WITH DESIGNICA where I developed/ co-invented: “Bank Shot,” “Dodging Hoop,” “Distance Measuring Football” Licensed to Imperial Toy Company, "Bank Shot" a talking arcade bank. We supported the development of this product from initial concept through final looks like/works like sales support models as well as tooling models to direct final die making. "Bank Shot" the original version oft his product was released to the market for Christmas 1996. 1995 S.G. HAUSER (Industrial Design) "Looks like" only model for automated tabletop blood analyzer for production laboratory use. 1994 MOSAIC (Corporate Industrial Design) In Association with Designica- Project Manager for clients such as Mattel Toys and Litton Industries. Supervision of crews, sculpting, machining, mold making, pattern making. Development of HTU/FDT (soldier's hand computer). Designed unit to house existing "Compaq" palm top computer, while retaining original styling of the HTU/FDT. 1993 MODUL (Commercial Props and Sets) Project Manager for large prop for Budweiser commercials. Allocation of budget, hiring and supervision of crew, design, engineering and construction of “Large Scale” 10 X 15 Foot prop. 1990 DESIGNICA (Begins) Industrial Design model making, Brainstorming and Toy Design and development, while working for companies like Mattel, Galoob and Ertl toys, as well as Industrial design firms like: Mosaic and Steve Hauser and Associates. My partner Rob Smathers and I placed three toys on the market in a three-year period, through our rep. Shelly Goldberg (bak u gon). 1989 GENE YOUNG EFFECTS Model fabrication for feature films “Back to the Future II” and “Total Recall.” Life size model of the Magellan Satellite for air show display and various other miniatures. 1988 WONDERWORKS Props for the movie "The Abyss" 1988 BOSS FILMS Design and model fabrication for a PR commercial for an investment firm. 1988 STETSON VISUAL SERVICES Production design and model fabrication for Minute Maid Orange Soda commercial. 1987 ART AND TECHNOLOGY Construction assistant on Knott's Berry Farm "Kingdom of Dinosaurs" and L.A. Zoo's condor display.