Steven Yang

Sydney, Australia

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Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

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About Steven

Looking for co-founder(s) with any ambition and drive to do something significant. Wish to breakdown obstacles, cultivate new solutions and ignite fires. I have a plethora of ideas, am eager to learn and possess what some people might call “vision”. Thus, I am equally happy to assist with another’s project or to cooperate with others on mine.

A few of my ideas are developed and near launch stage. Anyone willing to put in the commitment to turn them into game changing enterprises are welcome to contact me. These ideas have high monetary returns, benefits to society as a whole and are relatively easy to implement.

I have worked with 2 new businesses before so I am very familiar with the process of transforming ideas into a feasible and working venture.

If you want help or would like to get involved in a start-up, then send me a message today. I am flexible and endeavour to be able to assist all in meeting their potential.


Good artists can turn the sun into a yellow circle on the page, but great artists can turn a yellow circle into the mighty sun. - Pablo Picasso

Work Experience

Operations Manager

AusPacific Group

January 2016 - Today

• Helped increase annual revenue from $400,000 to over a million in the course of one year. Did this through the introduction of ecommerce, hiring salespeople and the offering of new products. • Designed from scratch the company’s website on WordPress. • Shifting our focus from a traditional wholesaler to a company that provides customized products for businesses.