Stijn De Winter

Leuven, Belgium

Stijn's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Stijn

We are looking for an engineer who is interested in human development and wants to contribute his or her technical skills to building a personal development app on the Yammer network for employees in large organisations.

We have several organisations that want to support and engage with their employees in a more authentic way waiting for our solution to be built and the support of the Flemish government in the form of a grant.

We are looking for someone, talented straightforward and honest. Where you live does not matter as we enable everyone in the company to contribute his or her talent in the most beneficial way for everyone, this includes remote work, although we do enjoy spending time sipping good coffee and discussing ways to do what makes us happy.

First and foremost we want to use our talents to innovate the workplace so more people get to experience working with their strengths on projects that bring them happiness and success. We are good at seeing opportunities for durable change and encouraging people to engage in them. We need technical talent to combine with our own to reach more people.

If you feel like exploring the idea of joining us, give me shout, through LinkedIn preferably.


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