Dave Ladouceur , Adviser

Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Engineering, Business Development

Boulder, Colorado, US

Dave is looking to advise a startup

About Dave

Adviser experience

Engaged in advising 5 businesses over 4 years

Startup experience

3 startups founded , 3 startups operated , 4 years operating startups

Relevant industries

Technology Mobile


Strategy Operations Marketing Engineering Business Development

Key accomplishments

Built the now Global Healthcare Exchange exited for 400% - 788% IRR


About Dave

I have been the founder or one of the first few employees that have successfully built aerospace technology, internet consumer, internet business, mobile infrastructure all the way through large scale healthcare informatics companies (www.ghx.com). Expert at all phases of a startup from inception, fund raising through positioning for acquisition or sale with string focus on technology, operations, strategy, architecture or the design and implementation of the product and or service as well as the technology commercialization. I have my own platform for developing mobile, tablet and enterprise grade applications in place and the development team to support it. This model works for most any product and is being used by two companies currently.


University of New Orleans

Computer Science

- 1984