Stuart Jessiman

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

UX Digital consultancy in Hull, UK
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I’ve worked in IT/digital for twenty years, twelve of those in UX Design / Architecture

I’ve accrued experience from across a number of business sectors working directly for clients or via digital agencies. User Experience (UX) is a growing market. Its value is in optimising a company's web presence, particularly in a crowded, competitive market. UX is not about making a website pretty. It is about adopting a number of strategies including research, analysis, design and testing to create the right digital product for all devices for the right audience. Together with marketing it optimises a site to attract and keep customers on site.

To this end, UX offers the opportunity to 'get it right' before significant investment is put into the development of a digital product only later to realise it isn't working and that investment proves to return little value. instead, UX arrives at a solution - a design that works - without any coding. Even after coding begins UX continues to test the developing product with potential customers, assessing the outcome to ensure the design works. Together with Agile development (developing a product in short two or three-week sprints), UX keeps development flexible and directs change before a digital product becomes to 'hard baked' and needs expenditure to correct issues left unchecked.

User Experience is key in a highly competitive online market where a competitor is just a click away.

I wish to start a UX consultancy in Hull, UK where I can bring together others with my experience and help business create optimised digital products.

Work Experience

Senior UX Designer / Architect

Blue Dymension UK Ltd

May 2005 - December 2016

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University of London

BSc Ecology

1984 - 1987


2/2 (Hons)