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Hello buddy,
I'm the founder of "Trex Adventures",its an adventure travel company.We have undergone a lot of treks and other tours.I have learnt a lot from the challenges which I faced while running the company. I have experience in business development and operations. Currently I am assisting a startup for its supply side.
During my research while running "Trex Adventures",I found a lot of scopes in the travel domain.I got the idea of implementing web based technologies into a product which can change the nature of the travel industry.
I am looking for like-minded individuals to partner with me.Looking for Someone with knowledge and experience of web and mobile technologies ,an innovator,someone who can build the product from scratch. We are planning to be the the next leader in the travel-technology domain. People with good business skills notably marketing and sales are welcome.We are also looking for someone with digital marketing exposure and who can boost our growth.
Looking forward for the right partner with technical skills who can compliment my skill set and also who has an entrepreneurial mind set to take this venture into the big stage.
Don't hesitate to send me a message, I would love to talk about all aspects of business/entrepreneurship.

Cheers !


Techno India

2014 - 2014


Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Automation (PGDIA)

Post Graduate Diploma in Process Automation (PGDPA)